Full Body Workout

the only cardio device in the world on which you can perform a multifunctional workout involving all the muscles of your body.

66 Exercises

a huge number of training options with varying degrees of difficulty – you can choose from a range of 66 exercises or be creative and come up with new ones.

Amazing Cardio Session

the most effective calorie burning from all cardio devices – you burn 250% more calories than on a treadmill.

Strength & Conditioning

you will not only improve muscle strength, but also agility, plyometrics, speed, power and endurance.

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

HIIT involves fat loss, reducing weight and waist circumference, and your metabolic rate will be higher for many hours after the workout.


you can effectively warm up your muscles and joints to safely prepare your body for the rest of your training.

66 Exercises - Part I